treatment blurb

What to expect from your first treatment

Your first appointment will begin with a free detailed consultation when you will be asked about your general health, medical history, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. This detail is necessary because each treatment is highly individual and designed to your particular needs. All information will be held in strictest confidence.

A typical massageA therapeutic combination of essential oils will then be blended, tailored to your special requirements. During the massage, your privacy will be protected at all times – you’ll be covered with towels and only the area being worked on at the time will be uncovered. All you need to do is relax.

As well as massage there are many other methods of applying essential oils – including vaporisation, inhalation, lotions, gels, compresses etc. your therapist will be happy to advise you on what methods may be best for you.

Please note: Holistic therapies are not diagnostic and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Your GP’s permission may be required prior to treatment.