Treatment Options

Back, neck and shoulder massage

(1 hour) £32.00

This treatment concentrates on relaxing your specific areas of tension, using oils that we have chosen to melt away those aches and pains.

Deep Tissue Massage

(1 hour 30 mins) £46.00

This treatment is a firm massage working on your whole body. Not for the faint-hearted!
You can have an hour’s Deep Tissue Treatment on just your back, neck, shoulders and legs. (1 hour) £32.00

Full Body massage

(1 hour 45 mins) £52.00

This totally pampering treatment includes a face and foot massage and is once again individually tailored for you.

A Treat for your Feet

(45 mins) £26.00

Your feet are soaked in a warm foot spa scented with essential oils to suit your mood. A natural exfoliating treatment is then applied to rough skin. Finally enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage with further essential oils tailored to your needs.

Indian Head Massage

(30 mins) £16.00

This is a wonderful treatment working on the scalp, neck shoulders and upper arms. It can be of benefit to tired aching muscles. It can be experienced either with or without oils.

Indian Facial Revitalisation Massage

(1 hour) £36.00 or £156.00 for 5

This is a deeply relaxing treatment that works on all the muscles of your face. Over time, the detailed movements can improve the appearance of fine lines and the use of individually blended vegetable oils helps to feed the skin. Improved blood flow imparts a healthy glow to your complexion.

Facials from the Fridge!

(45mins) £26.00

A facemask is freshly made for you from natural ingredients according to your skin type. Once this has been applied and then your face cleansed, enjoy a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage with essential oils.

Hands and Arms

(45 mins) £26.00

Your hands are soaked in a naturally softening bath. A nourishing hand mask is applied, made from natural ingredients. This is followed by a massage of your hands and lower arms using essential oils.

Hopi Ear Candles

(45 mins) £26.00

A relaxing treatment where lighted cones are placed in the ears to help with conditions such as sinusitis, wax build-up and snoring. Includes a short face massage.

Thai Foot Massage

(1 hour) £32.00

A treatment that involves a deep massage to your feet and lower legs and stimulation of acupressure points using a Thai stick. It can help aching feet, legs and the strokes are designed to warm, stretch and generally invigorate the feet.

Express facial

(30 min) £ 20.00

This facial uses pre-blended products made with natural organic ingredients.
It includes a nourishing face mask and a soothing face massage. Lasting just 30 minutes this is a good choice for those with less time or a smaller budget.

Aromatherapy Face and Head Massage

£ 26.00

Designed for those who suffer from stress headaches and sinus pain, this is a fairly firm face massage incorporating the scalp, neck and shoulders to address common sites of tension. The treatment will also include a face mask made from natural ingredients individually tailored for your skin.

COMING SOON : Hot Stones Massage. Please ask Paula for details.

massaging hands
Before any treatment commences you will have a free consultation focussing on your medical history, lifestyle and expectations. Please allow 20 minutes extra for your first appointment to enable this to take place. This ensures that your oils and your treatment are tailored to your individual needs.

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