Baby Massage

Developmental Baby Massage and Movement was developed by Peter Walker at the Active Birth Centre in London ».

Classes are held locally in Roath. They are small and friendly and always include time for tea and a chat! You are taught the easy to learn system of massage and stretches so that you can use the techniques right from your first session. Songs and rhymes accompany the movements to further encourage interaction with your baby.

Oil is provided for the massage but you need to bring a large towel. You need to wear comfortable clothes that you can bend in. The session lasts an hour and costs £5.00. Babies are welcome once they have had their hips checked usually around 6-8 weeks.

Baby signing

A fun way to encourage communication with your baby using speech, signs and symbols through songs, stories and play.

Makaton signs are used in ’Something Special’ on BBC Cbeebies. The Makaton Language Programme has been used for many years with adults and children with learning disabilities but Makaton Signing for Babies has recently been developed for use with all babies to encourage the development of preverbal skills of eye contact, gesture and turn taking and provide a fun way of communicating with your baby from the age of approximately 6 months.

Makaton signing for Babies courses are run when requested.

For more information on Makaton visit their website »